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    Neoplug stopped switching

    Richard Hay · 0 replies · Posted


    I have a heatmiser neoplug which has stopped switching whatever item is plugged into it on. The device will mesh with the network and appears online via the app. I can switch it on and off via the app but it doesn't allow the power through to whatever is plugged into it. I've factory reset the item twice and I've replaced the 13A fuse for another new one to no avail.

    What would heatmiser recommend I do now?



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    Backup battery

    Ian McNeill · 2 replies · Last reply by Charles Mountain

    I understand that the Touchpad controller uses a CR1220 battery as a backup to keep the clock alive on a power outage.

    How do you gain access to the battery to replace it?


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    What’s the specifications of your thimble sensor?

    Heatmiser · 0 replies · Posted

    The Thimble Sensor is compatible with all Heatmiser Thermostats with a remote sensor connection.

    The Thimble Sensor is supplied with a 1.5M cable which can be extended to 20M.

    The sensor is 10mm wide (excluding collar) and has a depth from the wall of 18mm.

    The resistance is 10k @ 25C (10K3A1).

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    Are the UFH probe head section replaceable or do you need to rerun a new 3M cable to the stat?

    Muri Rhee · 1 reply · Last reply by Heatmiser

    One of the electric underfloor heating probe is faulty but the original electricians have laid the probe far from the stat.  Ideally I would like to replace the probe head instead of lifting up all the tiles to rerun a whole new probe cable.  Can this be done, or once the probe is faulty do you need a whole new probe and cable?


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    My NeoPlug doesn't shut off

    William Hakes · 3 replies · Last reply by William Hakes

    Still trying to figure this out.  I just bought two new NeoPlugs, ironically at the same time as they upgraded the server.  I now have three.  Two of them work in new locations but the one in the original location will turn the light on but won't turn it off.  I have tried all the NeoPlugs in the location where it used to work and the result is always the same.  The light doesn't go off.  In fact if I turn the light off manually, it comes back on again!  I have reset  all the NeoPlugs and there is not