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    Has the V2 app ever benn tested !? - Nothing is working anymore !

    Stephan · 4 replies · Last reply by Richard Browne

    Dear Heatmiser Support

    1st off:

    No this is not a rant, its a user/bug report ..seriously! And yes I kinda like the V2 app as it brings the functionality I always missed (running multiple profiles with different times and temps via one action!)

    But seriously, after the update Nothing is working anymore!

    So let's start from the beginning:

    Updated the app, started V2 app, logged in and looked through it. Yeah profiles were converted, all tstats were there...ok, so far so good I thought.

    Today I noticed some rooms were cold (it just got colder outside), so I checked the

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    new app - error - your account doesn't allow access to this feature

    Jeff Craft · 2 replies · Last reply by Jeff Craft

    New app looks very smart however I am getting the above message and unable to get to:

    - Profiles

    - GEO

    - Recipes

    The firmware update is also not present


    What is the workaround please?





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    Update abroad

    Peter Gibson · 1 reply · Last reply by Heatmiser

    My phone has updated and I'm abroad. For some reason I now have two sites I can upgrade, how do I know which one is the site I need (at setup a long tome ago I may have duplicated sites). Will the hub run the events left in it if I do upgrade? On and off times and temperatures.