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    Temperature logging

    Doug Fripp · 4 replies · Last reply by Doug Fripp

    I'd be interested to know if there are any plans to introduce a way to log room temperature and maybe heating activity. Would be really helpful to be able to analyse trends and set comfort levels appropriately etc.

    I realise there might be a very long winded way to do this by setting up IFTTT above and below triggers for each temperature to log to a spreadsheet, but this seems like a very inefficient way to do things.

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    Geolocation Logic

    Hugh Milsom · 5 replies · Last reply by Heatmiser

    Please excuse this if I've not understood correctly ...

    The idea of Geolocation is excellent BUT I don't fully understand the logic: (2 users)

    Surely the Geo function should override the Comfort Levels when the both users are out of the area i.e. should shut the system down (to Frost Stat) and then reapply the current CL as one of the users approaches home? This is not the case. I cannot fathom the Geo logic. Why when Geo is activated do my CL settings get overriden when both users are at home?

    Again - I'm sorry if I've got the wrong end of

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    How to enable 7day mode

    Andrew · 2 replies · Last reply by Andrew

    I have tried to enable 7day mode on the set up but this option is greyed out and is stuck in 24 mode hour mode. How do I enable this?

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    Is the backlight always on ?

    Heatmiser · 0 replies · Posted

    The backlight is always on, but the SmartStat will reduce the brightness during the night by using the in-built light sensor.

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    Smart Stat HEATMISER - House is BOILING!!

    Andy Smith · 1 reply · Last reply by Heatmiser

    Despite putting the thermostat on STANDBY & setting temperature to 7c I cannot get the reading any lower than 24c!  My house is on fire, what am I doing wrong please????

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    Re-boot facility

    Bernard Novell · 0 replies · Posted

    Are there any plans to incorporate a method of rebooting a stat that has gone off-line?

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    remote temperature

    John · 1 reply · Last reply by Heatmiser

    Is there a way to provide the NeoUltra with a 'remote' temperature.

    My SmartStat is in the hallway whereas I want to actually have the downstairs heating zone controlled by the temperature in the lounge.

    Is there a way to send, via an API, the current temperature in my lounge to the neohub?

    As a last resort can I use a NeoAir as an (expensive) remote temperature probe for the NeoUltra? (I don't want the ugly HeatMiser RF switch on my wall in the hallway, also a remote temp probe for the NeoUltra isn't an option)


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    Smart Stat restarting

    Lee · 4 replies · Last reply by Lee

    If I use the Temperature Hold function or simply change the Set Temp value, after a few minutes the stat resets and goes back to comfort levels. I can not control the temp outside the comfort levels I've set. 

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    Wifi keeps disconnecting

    Stephen Hill · 6 replies · Last reply by Tony Jackson

    Morning, my new SmartStat continually disconnects from the house wifi. I have a wifi camera on the same router and it never disconnects. The stat is only 4M away from the router and shows full strength (a full wifi fan) when connected. However it keeps disconnecting & connecting for no apparent reason. This obviously has an impact on the geolocation function and my ability to turn the heating down when the house is unoccupied.

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    SmartStat temperature sensor

    Goran Kaljevic · 0 replies · Posted

    Hi my SmartStat temperature sensor is showing frequent changes in temperature causing the boiler to turn on and off frequently. I have tried restarting the appliance but have not been able to fix the issue. Please advise.


    Goran Kaljevic

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    How can I check the server status?

    Alan · 2 replies · Last reply by Alan

    For the last 48 hours, possibly longer, both of my SmartStats have been showing as offline. Their wifi status icons are steady, and the router knows about them. Everything else in the house can connect to the internet ok. So it seems likely that the server is down, though 48 hours+ is rather on the long side. Is there any way of checking?

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    Smartstat constantly rebooting

    Martin Wokou · 0 replies · Posted

    My thermostat keeps rebooting every 5 mins, sometimes a bit less or longer. Some of my settings e.g switching deferential and delay time always revert to factory default. It's also happening with a replacement thermostat as I thought the 1st one was faulty. Anyone having the same problem?

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    L Goodall · 1 reply · Last reply by Heatmiser

    I setup my smartstat on my android phone with an account using my email address, and on my wifes android phone using 'share access' using her email address.

    Geo location is setup on both phones.

    When the last person leaves the area (or when arriving back) we get a message saying 'adjusting temperature to (whatever we set it to)', but the temp on the thermostat doesn't change to what it should.

    Please could you try and help me sort out why this isn't working, as this is the main feature I bought this thermostat for,  and at the moment I

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    Does SmartStat support Geo Location ?

    Heatmiser · 0 replies · Posted

    Yes. SmartStat Geo Location works in the same way as for Neo. See here for more information.


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    Can I have multiple SmartStat in the same home ?

    Heatmiser · 0 replies · Posted

    Yes, you can have up to 32 SmartStat in the same home.

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    I've just install my new SmartStat, there is nothing on the display. !!

    Greg · 0 replies · Posted

    Tested 230V AC in N and L+COM

    Any help please ...

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    How do you wire the Smart Stat if you have a programmer already on the system?

    Luke Crutcher · 2 replies · Last reply by Luke Crutcher

    Hi,  I have a standard boiler and hot water tank how do I wire the Smart Stat with the programmer or bypass it? 


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    SmartStat WiFi password symbols missing

    Declan · 0 replies · Posted

    I connected a new SmartStat last night, but could not gain access to all symbols when entering the WiFi password. Is there an option I am missing?

    I have $ (dollar) signs in my password and could not find them anywhere.




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    Smartstat disconnecting after 24hr from BT smarthub 6

    Simon Thompson · 0 replies · Posted


    This is driving me mad! I have been back to my clients house maybe 4 times now - the stats keep going offline -  they have 5 stats - BT smart hub 6, a managed switch, and 3 access points. The last time we employed a network specialist for three hours to check settings - all seems good. What do I try next -