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    Upgrade path for 12V PRT-N UH-1 system?

    Dave Stone · 1 reply · Last reply by Heatmiser

    I have a 14-zone wet underfloor system, with 14 x 12V PRT-N Heatmiser thermostats talking V3 Protocol RS422 to 2x UH-1 wiring centre (connected together).

    I have a 'smart' home, but have no points of integration with my heating system. What Heatmiser upgrade options do I have ? 

    Answers can include changing all 14 thermostats (realising that I only have 12V at each thermostat wall box), and/or adding gateway devices..

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    Hi, what's the difference between the UH8-N and UH1-N?

    Eoin Evans · 3 replies · Last reply by Eoin Evans

    Hi, what's the difference between the UH8-N and the UH1-N? 

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    Network Protocol document

    NeilT · 3 replies · Last reply by James Tucker

    I have a 12V network of slimline thermostats connected through to a NetMonitor - which is now playing up. I have a vague plan to replace the NetMonitor with a RaspberryPi solution, which would also allow me to add features such as logging temps from the stats, demand, boiler cycling, etc. - all very exciting (not!). It's possible there are others out there who would be interested in such a solution, especially as Heatmiser, in their wisdom, have discontinued the NetMonitor and not replaced it!!!

    Anyway, to progress I need to understand the thermostat protocol used on the network: when