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    UH1 system, adding a new thermostat and separate zone.

    kyle yanez · 1 reply · Last reply by Worcester

    Hi, I have a UH1 system, I have 6 thermostats connected.  Upstairs is one zone of radiators and the only thermostat for the whole of upstairs is located in the corridor.  I don't want to heat the whole of upstairs the same as the master bedroom, so I currently turn the radiators down low in the other rooms.

    I would like to make the master bedroom a separate zone by adding another thermostat so that this room can be controlled at a stable temperature, I guess I would also need to add some kind of motorised radiator valve to allow the master

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    UH8 calling for heat incorrectly

    Andy · 0 replies · Posted

    When more than 2 zones are connected and a stat calls for heat, the boiler enable or call for heat does not switch off even when all stats are not calling for heat. Connecting any more than 2 zones causes this problem. 

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    How many actuators can I connect to the Heatmiser Wiring Centre ?

    Heatmiser · 2 replies · Last reply by Heatmiser

    Up to 6 actuators per zone, up to a total of 5A for the board.

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    UH3 zone 5 light on

    P Brent · 1 reply · Last reply by Heatmiser

    Hi,  Very basic question here but I have just turned on my heating for the first time this autumn/winter and there is an orange light showing for Zone 5. Does this mean that there is a problem and I should call a plumber?  Thanks

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    how do i wire a slimline thermostat in to a UH8 please?

    Gaz Wain · 0 replies · Posted


    I have 2 manifolds (upstairs and downstairs)controlled by an UH8 each. My questions are:

    How do I wire the thermostats? The instructions show the wiring to a boiler but not to the UH8 &

    How do I wire both UH8's in to the boiler please?


    Many thanks


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    Multiple circuits per UFH zone

    New · 1 reply · Last reply by Heatmiser

    Heatmiser UH4 wiring centre / Touch controller. Because of the large area of underfloor heating I have three circuits but I want them all to be controlled together. Should all three actuators be connected to the same zone connection point in the wiring centre.

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    Heat enable

    Daniel · 0 replies · Posted

    i have a uh8, running 2 ufh zones I also have 2 radiator zones up/down, how do I get my ufh to fire my boiler when heat enable is volt free an my boiler switch live is 230v 

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    UH4 wiring centre + radiators and hot water

    Darren · 0 replies · Posted

    I have installed downstairs UFH using Touch thermostats and the UH4 wiring centre. I also want to use the the wiring centre to control my existing upstairs radiators and hot water. The wiring diagram in the manual shows these controlled by Neo-Stats. I understand that Heatmiser do not produce their own two way timer, but would it be possible to use my existing (Drayton) programmer? If so, how would this be wired into the UH4. Also the wiring diagram does not include connections to a CH/HW pump. Could you please advise how this should be connected?

    Many thanks.


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    One zone refuses to switch off!

    Dick B · 0 replies · Posted

    NEO AIr with UFH-8 wiring centre.  One underfloor zone appears stuck on and firing even though the thermostat shows it well above the set temperature. 

    It also shows the boiler as NOT firing.

    I think this is a fault with the relay on the wiring centre

    I have switched the mains off and on and then it resets it but this is concerning as it seems to confirm my suspicions about the relay on the UF-8 PCB which may be faulty. 

    Any ideas?  .

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    UH1-W - No heat

    Rachel · 0 replies · Posted


    We have a UH1-W underfloor heating system with PRT-W thermostats. Earlier this year our underfloor heating system wasn't working properly so a plumber came and looked at it and managed to get it working again (it took numerous visits).

    This week the pressure in our boiler dropped so we had no hot water and at the same time the underfloor heating stopped working. I've topped the bolier up so the pressure is correct and we now have hot water but the underfloor heating still isn't working (its been a couple of days). The thermostats show that they are calling for

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    NeoStat HW

    Rory · 0 replies · Posted

    Hi, can the NeoStat HW be wired into the UH-8? I have a cylinder stat and a motorized valve. I have the other 5 zones in my house wired into the UH-8 and i would like to have the HW wired into in it also.

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    What is the best way to centrally control a house with 18 PRT-N thermostats and 3 UH1 wiring units.

    David Vieyra · 6 replies · Last reply by mgriff

    The house has underfloor heating and having to change the time clocks individually is a pain. House is new so no idea who the developer used to install the system.  Would Netmonitor be the best solution and is it user installable or is there another option? I can not believe central control of this number of thermostats was not included in the system.

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    I have 2 set of manifolds, each have a UH8 (one for upstairs, one for downstairs) - How do i wire them together to the boiler ?

    Okoo · 1 reply · Last reply by Heatmiser



    I have 2 set of manifolds, each have a UH8 (one for upstairs, one for downstairs) - How do i wire them together to the boiler ?


    Thank you.


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    I’m using the UH8-RF and I cannot get wires back to enable the boiler, what can I do?

    Heatmiser · 0 replies · Posted

    Your UH8-RF can send a wireless signal to the RF-Switch wired back at the boiler to enable.

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    UH1 system - PRT-W replaced with Slimline-RF but it dopesn't pair

    Nicky · 1 reply · Last reply by Heatmiser

    We have a UH1 system and I smashed one of our PRT-W thermostats (it fell off the wall when I was trying to change the battery!). I have bought a new thermostat but it is a Slimline-RF. They look the same but when I pair them with the same settings as the old one it doesn't work. Can anyone help please?

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    UH1-W upgrade

    Howard · 1 reply · Last reply by Heatmiser

    Hi i am a system integrator and control 4 programmer.  I have a job coming up that currently has 2 x UH1-W wiring centres adjacent to two under floor heating manifolds.  These are in 2 seperate parts of the property.


    There are several Wireless thermostats.


    I have managed to integrate our system to UH1 before but looking at UH1-w there is no connection for a third party control.


    What are my options with regards to upgrade?  The control system will be located in a third location in the property and we are not able to get wires

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    Heatmiser UH1-W support

    Rob · 2 replies · Last reply by Heatmiser

    I have a heat user UH1-W and am struggling yo find anyone stocking compatible thermostats.

    Do you still support this model, or is this a discontinued product?

    Please could you tell me which thermostat model numbers are compatible?

    Thanks very much. 

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    One UH1 and Two UFH Pumps

    bk32 · 1 reply · Last reply by Jamie Adam


    I have an 8 zone system and a 13 port manifold. Each zone is controlled by a neostat 12v and each port uses a Salus T30NC230. Six of the zones use pump 'A' and two of the zones use pump 'B'. The pumps are Grundfoss 15/50.

    I have successfully connected up six of the zones (covering 11 actuators) in the UH1. The UFH pump terminals in the UH1 are connected to pump A. All this works fine, but how can I wire up the last two zones which use pump B? I'm not sure if it is possible using

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    Why does one of the underfloor heating zones keep switching off?

    Adam · 1 reply · Last reply by Heatmiser

    I have a UH1-W everything is set up correctly and all thermostats are connect to the correct zone, I have checked they turn on and off.

    Zone 1 = Underfloor Heating

    Zone 2 = Underfloor Heating

    Zone 3 = Radiators

    Each thermostat is currently showing the heating on symbol (I have turned it up to 35 degrees just to make sure).

    For some reason the light on Zone 2 keeps switching off, if I hold the clock button while the thermostat is on and it switches on/off/on/off (showing me that its connected and working) until I press power on. Then the light stays on