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Can you repurpose code for Amazon Alexa integration and integrate with Google home as speech recognition is far superior?

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We can confirm Google home support is coming to Neo 

We are aiming for a Q1 2018 release.

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Will I still need a neohub if I get Google home to use my neostat?

Yes you will need the neoHub. 

Hi and is the there any difference between the white older neohub and the black newer one?

The black one has HomeKit Support.  Google home will work with either.  


Unfortunately our Google Home integration is running a little behind schedule. We are now looking for mid Q2 as a release date  

Rest assured we are working on this and will keep you updated of progress here. 

Can you confirm that Google home will see these as smart home heating devices. The Alexa version is not seeing the thermostats as smart home devices for some strange and really annoying reason and we hope you are going to fix this.

You have gone all out on the Apple HomeKit side but don't realise that Andorid has 80% of the market. Can you also keep us up to date! It seems to be taking forever to make you Smart Thermostats - Smart!

Hi Jim

Yes, Google Home will see them as Smart home devices. 

We are currently looking at making Alexa a smart home skill too. This isn't a "fix" as both skills have merit, a smart home skill is limited in commands but we know scenes etc are only possible if we support the smart home setup. 

Your figures on marketshare might be correct for smartphones in use, but not on our platform. 

Designs such as these, in an ever changing environment, is not easy and will take time. Rest assured we are working on it, and we will post news here just as soon as we have more to share. 

Any more updates? Purchased the Google home mini as they're on offer at £34, keen to get my neostat-e & smart plugs linked up!

Update.  We are just waiting on certification from Google before we can roll out our Neo smart home action. 

Q2 is over, could you update us please? It would be nice if you could do so proactively...

Yer surely certification doesn't take a month, if there are delays, would be good to know

I was just thinking the same thing... It would be good to get an update from Heatmiser.

 I'm building a new house with underfloor heating and stats in each room. Google Home integration would put Heatmiser in the driving seat for the UF and HW control system. This is a key feature.

We can confirm Google home support is coming to Neo 

We are aiming for a Q1 2018 release.

best Christmas gift ever !

Excellent news Heatmiser! Happy Christmas,

Too late! Other CH controls were installed for our new CH this morning - literally true! Glad Heatmiser are sorting this, though. I'll look again at Heatmiser products next time I move house!

Hi, I've moved to Google Home (given up on Alexa misinterpreting my voice). Hoping with google integration that I can give these instructions; 'set heating to x degrees in y room' (with x being a variable ingredient that does not need to pre-specified);

'What is the temperature in x room?'  'Set all rooms to standby' - If this can be done easily at present using IFTTT please tell me how, otherwise. Thanks 


As Q1 is about to end, is there any update on this ?

We are still aiming for Q1 - we will advise more just as soon as we can. As with any development, this may slip a little but rest assured we will keep you informed.

Thanks for your patience :)

Thanks for the update !

If you need someone to test it out I volunteer as a tribute :)

Google Home is now Live on Heatmiser Neo! 

Read more here https://www.heatmiser.com/en/2018/06/26/google-home-heatmiser-neo-smart-heating-control/

Hi, I would like Google home integration.

Question...How many potential new customers have you lost through them reading this support page and choosing another brand? You can't make your investment decisions on existing customer enquiries



Just had this message from Tech Support...

Thanks for the email, unfortunately there hasn't been any mention of integrating google into our system, if you'd like to make this suggestion feel free to post it to heatmiser.support.com 

Therefore, POSTING!

In the day of the IOT, surely jumping on every bandwagon is exactly what an outfit like Heatmiser need to do!

Then wait for the technology to settle, and you never know, you might find yourself up there with the big boys... Being late/slow now will destroy your outlook!

I think that working with Google at stage will be a positive step... don't miss the boat Heatmiser!!!

Thanks, Will

I have 4 Neostats in my flat. Would 100% buy a Neohub if it supported Google Home/Google Assistant!

Another request for Google Home integration please!

I was on the point of buying several neostats and a neohub to replace the Nest I already have (because Nest doesn't do multizones). However, lack of Google Home support (which I have used with Nest) means I will be looking to purchase an alternative manufacturers product. A shame because I had a pre-internet Heatmiser in a previous home that I was really pleased with.

Same here. Got 1 neoair, like to add another 4 +hub+2x neoplug but no google home support so already start looking for other option.

Suggest you look at my SmartThings integration with Google Home and Heatmiser Neostat. The products you have listed will more or less do what you want, but you need to add a small extra chip and it will work. You would then benefit from a Smart Home product (SmartThings) which is great for automating all sorts of things in your house.


"Requests for Google Home has been very limited to be honest, we need more requests to convince us :)"  = very poor response by Heatmiser.

This is what separates Heatmiser from the competition.
Why do you have to wait for customers to start requesting it, before you get your systems team to look at the Google Home API?  It can't be that hard to write some code?

Surely the more systems that the Neostat integrates with, the more reasons there are for people to 'buy into your system over the competition?  How many people are going to come on here and request it, when they've already gone to the competition, because of your poor interaction with other systems? Nil - That's how many.

Google Home are effectively playing catch up with the Amazon Echo, They are 3 or 4 years behind, but they will catch up eventually. I company like Google have invested a lot of money into this.

Ultimately, companies that sit on their laurels saying, "Oh, we only develop things when we get enough people shouting for it", are the ones that fail..

Just giving you my honest feedback.



As a company of 50 years, we listen and talk to end users every day on the phones and via our main source of work through our OEM channels - this is where we base our decisions - not just from here! Google home simply isn't being asked for. 

We need more requests for it makes sound business sense. Companies that don't filter ideas are the ones that fail. Chris was spot on - and well worth reading. 


I would just like to add my support for the Google Home platform.

I have tried both the Amazon Eco and Google Home, and in my opinion, the Google home is much better at understanding what you are saying.

I also think that Heatmiser should be 'ahead of the curve' here and developing interactivity with other smart home systems, rather than waiting for people to 'request' it!

Heatmiser specialise in "Smart" home heating - Google home specialise in "Smart" Home controls.  It's a no brainer to me personally.

It's a shame that other manufacturers already have their offerings in place:
LightwaveRF, Hive, Nest etc.

Here's hoping that you can get something in place soon.

Thanks, David

Requests for Google Home has been very limited to be honest, we need more requests to convince us :)

Stephen, we didn't say no. We said we need more requests for it. Your comment regarding Google being the biggest supplier is an interesting but inaccurate one. 


I also have both the echo and Google home. I bought home because of the frustration with echo, whilst now improved it continues to fall short. A David mention heatmiser should be ahead of the curve, the have unique capabilities that should give them strategic advantage, if my heating system was simpler however I would be looking for an alternative like nest or tado (which I used in the past). Heatmiser you are not portraying an image of a company who is ambitious with a clear strategy. Heating control systems go hand in hand with home automation, and not having a linked solution to THE biggest supplier is a dropped ball.. the most ironic thing is that 50% of the work is done through the integration work with Amazon. Pull up your sock please. 

If only it was as simple as copying code from Echo integration to Google Home! It is a fair bit of work to integrate and then also needs maintenance while each provider tweak their platform on a fairly regular basis.

I can recommend Google Home integration does work well for me if you happen to have a Smart Home platform to work with (I have published my integration with SmartThings (which then talks to Google Home), and I know there are some other platforms which would enable Google Home integration too)

There is also the IFTTT integration as well.  By joining that up with your Google account via the Assistant Service, you can use tell google home to turn your heating on and do a few other things.  The only issue with this is that it doesn't fit in with the rooms concept of Home, but that isn't too much of an issue.

One issue with this route is that Heatmiser need to improve their IFTTT integration so that you don't have to make a million applets to cater for the different temperatures you might want to set.  At the moment, a single applet can only work for one room with one temp, so if you have multiple rooms and want to work with multiple teams, you end up having to create a million applets for all those variations.

Unless I am doing something wrong?

If there is one thing I want Heatmiser to do, is to change their IFTTT integration to handle ingredients.  Make it so!

I have my Neostats integrated with Google Home and it works fairly well for me. I did it through SmartThings (which is a smart home platform) if you are interested in searching for more information about it.

That's very cool but the requirements there are nuts - a neohub, a smartthings hub and a google home! A shame so many "hubs" are required.

Hi Stephan,

Thanks for your question, as far as i'm aware at the moment there are no current plans to integrate with

Google Home.  I will pass your comments to our research and development team for consideration.  

If this is something they will develop this will be posted on our blog on www.heatmiser.com and through the forum.

Kind regards,