Problems with "hold" from iPhone app

I am struggling to get Hold to work correctly.  Generally all my zones are set to Auto - and have an associated and active profile.  If I want to boost the heating for an hour I go into the app - select the zone that I want to boost - I then go to hold - and select a time and a temperature.  The heating then switches on and the hold period begins with the flame symbol appearing.  If I then go to Home in order to view all my zones - the flame symbol appears for a few seconds then switches off.  If I then go back into the selected zone - the temperature has reverted to the pre-hold temperature.  Am I doing something wrong?  All I want to do is boost the heating for an hour.

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I have the same problem with Hold function on central heating. Setting the hold function and then not touch the phone does not solve the issue.

The app works fine otherwise, including the hold function on neoplugs.

App version 2.0.163

iOS version 11.2.5 running on iPhone 5c

Any suggestions?


I think I've figured it out - there seems to be about a 2 minute delay on the Home screen updating with what is actually going on - as long as I don't touch anything within this time - it now seems to be working fine.

What you’re doing sounds correct.  Pls send this text and screenshots and your device and os type to Support@heatmiser.com so we can try and work out the issue.