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    Weather compensation

    Peter Lonton · 1 · Last reply by Roscoe Gray

    It would be good to have a weather compensation facility to go with your system that can compensate accordingly.

    I appreciate that the stats can learn the time required for a 1oc shift and can adjust accordingly (if switched on), but it would be beneficial if the system adjusted according to outside conditions. 


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    Logitech Harmony 'MyHarmony' Hub integration

    Dan Bragg · 0 · Posted

    I know some of the IR thermostats support integration with the Logitech MyHarmony Hub but how about network control for when the thermostat is outside of the IR blaster's range or in a different room altogether? 

    Users could then have scenes on the harmony remote which could set/change the temperature accordingly or also manual control using the buttons to increase/decrease temperature etc. 

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    Heatmiser list of Approved Installers

    jw · 3 · Last reply by Linda Johansson

    I am trying to find a list of electricians in London who have experience with Heatmiser products

    Heatmiser call centre have been very unhelpful and cannot recommended anyone "installation is nothing to do with Heatmiser - we just sell our products" ...

    The idea is to create a list of "Approved Installers Directory" on your website who are familiar with your product.  Perhaps even a Stamp of Approval if they pass a test / milestone (e.g. 20 installations).  This will give your customers comfort that the installers will be able to correctly install your products and not some cowboy builder

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    Easier control

    Heatmiser · 0 · Posted

    As an underfloor heating installer and specialist repair engineer i find almost all UFH controls clumbersome.  

    On bigger installations its not uncommon to have 15-20 digital thermostats all around the house and trying to explain how to use this effectively is quite a task. 

    Id love you to develop a new product based around the UH1 and Touchpad - but instead of umpteen digital thermostats use "air sniffers" instead or "air thermisters" in each room, wired back to the UH1 and controlled centrally via the touchpad. 

    This has massive advantages - cost reduction, control ease, reliability increased to name a

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    Installer Dashboard

    Peter Lonton · 1 · Last reply by Heatmiser

    As an active installer and reseller of Heatmiser Products, the customers and ourselves are often the first port of call for the end users.

    Would it possible to have a dashboard for installers who can view their customers and therefore provide support?

    The customer should always have the 'opt out' option, however 99% of the time customer wants us to be able to view and to get them to add us as an admin is a complicated and frankly too complicated for most.

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    Please add FAQ's on your support page!

    Heatmiser · 0 · Posted

    Please add FAQ's on your support page! This will help a lot of users.