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    Activate heatmiser receipe with IFTTT

    gricourt · 0 · Posted


    Currently IFTTT do not allow to trigger several actions from 1 trigger. In my case, I would like to hold temperature for few hours for few zones via the DO button or Niu Button. Currently only one zone can be activated (I don't want to activate all my zones, but only several of them).

    As such, would be great if we can use the heatmiser receipe in IFTTT as those would allow to enable only selected zones.

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    Increase hold timer in IFTTT

    gricourt · 0 · Posted

    In IFTTT applets, the maximum hold timer is 4 hours. Would actually need to be able to activate a longer hold timer. This should should allow for example to hold temperature for a day or more.

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    Maintenance program once a week get all my manifold valves to get functioned this will stop them sticking

    Michael · 0 · Posted

    Can we have a maintenance program once a week get all my manifold valves to functioned this will stop them sticking?

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    Wireless TRV to integrate with NEOhub

    Richard Cleasby · 0 · Posted

    Would be great to get these available, final piece in my heating control

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    Heatmiser + Smappee on IFTTT

    Juan van Wyk · 0 · Posted


    I'm looking to develop a Value added service for our clients. The general question we get asked on a near everyday basis is "How much does my floorheating cost me?"

    The intent I have is to use this energy monitoring device call "SMAPPEE" and extrapolate running cost data to a Google Drive Spreadsheet that get's e-mailed to the client on a either a Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly

    The Electrical circuitry that supplies the Floorheating would only be monitored although the SMAPPEE can measure everything.

    Does anyone have similar experience and have done similar VAS?

    Thanks in advance

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    remote control for a underfloor heating manifold

    Jim Hewlett · 0 · Posted

    I want to put remote control onto an underfloor heating manifold, it is going to be difficult to run wires to the rooms and radio seems complicated. Why not use the baby monitor method. I thought since the motorised valves and any control panel will need a mains electricity supply why not put the thermal sensor in a plug which could then send the information to the control board like a baby monitor. This site has some of the idea, but still uses a radio, and considering the cost of production is rather expensive.