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  • Updating your neoHub ready for the V2 Android App

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    Once you download the Android V2 Neo app, you will be prompted to update your neoHub. This update is a major update to your neoHub and brings a host of changes including data caching. This system update will dramatically increase the system performance as you will no longer need to wait for data to be made available - your neoHub and app will have this ready in the background. 

    To update your neoHub - follow these steps.

    1. Update your app 

    2. Login as normal - if you have forgotten your password, please perform a password reset.  If you dont receive

  • What's new in V2?

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    There are many new features to the V2 app. Here is a list of all the features and improvements.

    New user interface

    The V2 Neo app has been given an all new user interface, designed to simplify the programming of your heating and hot water system.  

    Smart Profiles

    We have made profiles a key part of the V2 app, and we feel it will dramatically change the way you program your heating system. You can now program and save a number of profiles and assign them to different areas of your home. Unlike Profiles in the V1 app, amending a

  • Understanding Profiles

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    How do I use the Profile Function?


    Profiles are pre-set comfort levels that the neoHub stores. They can be a heating or timer profile. 

    Once you have created and named your profile, you can then assign this to a number of zones.  

    You can do this by going into each room, or you can use a Recipe to do this for you. 

    Remember: Any changes you make to a Profile will automatically be distributed to the zones running the profile. 


    Creating a Profile

    • From a Zone screen, press the Down Arrow next to the Room name.
    • Select Profile
    • Press
  • Understanding Recipe Steps

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    Recipes allow you to setup a series of steps that you can run quickly in the app or when you leave and return home using the Location based control in the app. 

    Recipes can be a single step or a multi command recipe.  These are the recipe steps you can use. 

    • Hold Until
    • Hold for Duration
    • End Hold
    • Timer Override
    • Enable Standby
    • Cancel Standby
    • Set Temp
    • Run Profile
    • Enable Manual Mode (neoPlug)
    • Enable Auto (neoPlug)
    • neoPlug ON
    • neoPlug OFF

    You can create a Leave and Return Trigger Recipe in the Geo Location Setup. These actions will run when your leave and

  • How do I rename/re-order zones?

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    To rename / re-order your zones, navigate to the Zone List screen. The zone screen can be found by pressing the Down Arrow next to the Room name in any zone screen.



    • Press the Menu button next to ZONES 
    • Select Edit Zones
    • Select a Zone to Rename


    • Press the Menu button next to ZONES 
    • Select Edit Zones
    • Press and Hold a zone and drag to the new position 
    • Press Done


  • Adding / deleting a zone

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    To add a zone,

    • Navigate to the Zone List 
    • Press the Menu button next to ZONES
    • Select Add Zone
    • Select a preset title or create a new one
    • Press Next
    • Pair the Stat by following the instructions


    To delete a zone,

    • Navigate to the Zone List 
    • Press the Menu button next to ZONES
    • Select Edit Zone
    • Press the X next to the relevant zone