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    Integration with smartthings

    Heatmiser · 30 · Last reply by Heatmiser

    Samsung smartthings integration. Currently thermostat support on smartthings is very limited with only one much more expensive competitor supported. Considering this is an open platform this is surprising. By heatmiser adding official support will potentially add new smartthings customers looking to add a smart thermostat to their home.

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    Heatmiser · 5 · Last reply by James Jasmine

    Provide an outside, battery powered neoStat to record external air temperature. Update the neo app to add an 'outside' tile to display this temperature numerically and add an associated graph (i.e. replicate 'weather station' functionality) .

    Longer term, assuming the storage and mathemeatical ability is available in the standard neoStats, this could be utilised to provide some form of weather compensation to the system allowing for the impact of external temperature to be taken into account when running an optimum start calculation.

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    Compensation with outside air thermostat to reduce costs

    Heatmiser · 2 · Last reply by Roscoe Gray

    To stop over heating of rooms when weather conditions change and to start system earlier if very cold

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    Overshoot Anticipation

    Heatmiser · 1 · Last reply by James Jasmine

    Add an option to provide an Overshoot Anticipation function on neoStat heating switch off.

    Explained simply:-

    In a wet radiator heating system it can be quite common that the point at which the set temperature is reached is actually too late to switch the thermostatic heat demand off. At the time of system swich off, the radiator will still contain a full load of hot water that will continue to provide heat to the room as it cools. If heating a small area or single room, the result of this can be a significant temperature overshoot.

    This is particularly relevant

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    neoStatTank - neo Connected tank thermostat

    Heatmiser · 3 · Last reply by Mathew Acaster

    The neoStatTank is a tank thermostat connected into the Neo system in the usual, wireless way.

    It provides the facility to control the H/W temperature in the same manner as any wired tank 'stat but unlike any other, it reports current H/W temperature to the user to aid in intelligent decision making with regard to the use of temperature boost etc. Temperature graphing, geofencing etc. in the app could follow on as a natural progression once the hardware and basic control functions were in place.

    There are a few ways that the control and monitoring features could be realised, each

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    Browser control of Neo system

    Heatmiser · 0 · Posted

    To allow for control of Neo system through a browser

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    More comfort levels per day: hourly control

    Andrew Clarke · 4 · Last reply by Frankie

    Please give us more comfort zones per day. Four is not sufficient. With smartphone control here we should be able to control hourly st least. 

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    Radiator TRV's

    Heatmiser · 3 · Last reply by Nigel Marston

    Individual radiator TRV's which can be fitted to allow for per-room zoning of radiator systems

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    neoStat decimal degree temperature display

    Heatmiser · 0 · Posted

    A neoStat that displays temperature to one decimal place, e.g. 19.7, in the manner adopted for the SmartStat and used in the app.

    (Unrealistically, I'd love this as a software update for existing neoStats since I don't want to have to buy new ones to get this functionality. I recognise, however, that updating the facilities of a pre-defined LCD layout through software is entering the realms of fantasy.)

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    Co-Operative Zone Heating

    Heatmiser · 1 · Last reply by jao13

    In a multi-neoStat environment the heat demand from each 'stat will be independent of all other units. Thus, the heating system will heat up and cool down a quantity of water every time any zone needs heat. This leads to some potential for wasted heat.

    If each neoStat told the others when it needs heat, each neoStat would know when the heating system is being engaged and could take a decision (based on its own temperature and setpoint) whether to wait for its zone to cool further or to 'take advantage' of the already active heating system and call for

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    Thermostatic radiator valve wireless linked in to a Neo air thermostat , would open up a whole new market place

    Clyde Parsons · 1 · Last reply by Richard Porter

    Thermostatic radiator valve wireless linked in to a Neo air thermostat , would open up a whole new market place

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    Implementation of HomeKit

    Heatmiser · 1 · Last reply by Heatmiser

    Adopt Apple's HomeKit Protocol.

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    Towel Rail Mode

    Heatmiser · 0 · Posted

    Currently, neoStat logic is such that if I programme a heat source to keep a room at 21degC for 2 hrs, it will be on for two hrs, OR until the room is 21 degC, whichever is shortest.

    This makes perfect sense for most scenarios in terms of energy efficiency and comfort.

    However I believe heated towel rails are a special case in which I would want the logic to be as above but whichever is LONGEST. This acknowledges the a certain amount of time is required to dry towels.

    At the moment I achieve this by using time switch

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    Neo Stats Colour displays

    Heatmiser · 2 · Last reply by Wayne Man

    Hi Heatmiser, I've been looking at your Neo & Smart Stats and was wondering if you were going to make a colour display version of Neo as you have Smartstat, the colour screen on a thermostat does give it a more modern look. You can see this in your own Smartstat as well as the nest and honeywell thermostats, a built in proximity sensor as well as the dimming screen you already have with the Smartstat to light the screen when you are close to it would make it one of the best on the market. As the Neo stands

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    Create a Heatmiser Status Page

    Heatmiser · 0 · Posted

    Like any web-enabled technology, there are occasions when the Heatmiser servers go down. It's unfortunate, but it happens, and it can have differing consequences - sometimes it may be severe enough to knockout the Neo App functionality.

    When such events occur, it is usually possible to find out the cause by searching on Google or checking the official Heatmiser UK Twitter account, however it would be much better to have a dedicated status page (i.e. that would list any problems. It would also be handy if this same page listed dates for firmware updates and, if possible, release notes.

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    neoStat-hw Immersion Heater

    Mr Caz · 2 · Last reply by Jason

    Summary: neoStat-hw which can be used to switch the higher load required by an immersion heater.

    I need to purchase a new timer unit for the electric immersion heater in the hot water cylinder.

    There are a few to choose from companies like TimeGuard, Masterplug, Palmer Riley etc.

    It struck me that it would be nice to buy one from Heatmiser instead as would come with all the benefits of heating systems integration and flexible remote control etc.

    The would essentially be neoStat-hw with built in capability to switch the higher load required for an immersion heater 3-4 Kw around 20 amp with a built

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    Add valve actuation time

    Heatmiser · 0 · Posted

    Many valve actuators, such as the Emetti ones I am using, take a while to open. 6 minutes for the Emettis I think. Could this be added as a parameter to make the optimum start even more optimum, and to reduce overshoot?

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    Temperature sensors for underfloor heating

    Yuriy · 0 · Posted

    Some ideas:

    The current option is to use either air sensor or floor sensor to control the thermostat. In case you use air sensor - the floor sensor is used only to avoid overheating. However, sometimes it is useful to have both sensors working simultaneously - say, the air temperature is 20C AND the floor temperature is 24C - not allowing to exceed each of the parameters. 

    In case several thermostats are used in one heating system -  would be great if the air temperature of one thermostat may control the operation of another.


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    Integration with Yonomi

    jmoloney · 1 · Last reply by Heatmiser

    Having just splashed out on the Amazon Echo, I'm disappointed to see that there is no IFTTT support for it in the UK (yet?).

    I notice that Yonomi is supported by the Echo, so maybe the Neo could add it's name to the impressive list of devices that Yonomi supports?

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    A/C Control

    Heatmiser · 2 · Last reply by Heatmiser

    Heatmiser is one of few systems that can control Wet & Dry Underfloor Heating and Rads, all in multiple zones. It would be great if A/C control (for cooling purposes at the very least) could be integrated into the system.