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    Improved temperature graphs

    Heatmiser · 2 · Last reply by Steve Bullman

    Graphs to include times when the heating is running and what temp was set. Line graph for temp and bar graph for temperature set

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    Graph - call for heat

    Heatmiser · 2 · Last reply by Colly11

    This ties in with other requests for improved graphing. I thought I'd suggested it back in September but cannot find the entry so if it is a duplicate my apologies.

    Add to graphs when a stat is calling for heat. Currently this is shown as the flame on the Neostat therefore the information should be in the system somewhere. It is only an on/off flag so should only need one bit per time slot graphed. Trivial storage requirements. It would give a simplistic view as to how effective a house is at keeping the heat put out.

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    Webapp to control heating from PC

    Alan Wright · 6 · Last reply by Nigel Marston

    It would be useful if there was a webpage on which you could login and operate the heating/hot water.  With a PC interface and screen you could for instance display all the on/off times and temperatures for the whole week in a table making it easier to see the big picture rather than on a phone.

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    Amazon echo integration

    Stephan Jones · 25 · Last reply by Alistair


    15th October 2017 :   

    An update has been now been published.


    The latest commands are:

    Set {Room} to {Temp}
    Set {Room} to {Temp} degrees
    Set the {Room} to {Temp}
    Set the {Room} to {Temp} degrees
    Increase the {Room} to {Temp}
    Increase {Room} to {Temp} degrees
    Turn up the {Room} to {Temp}
    Turn down the {Room} to {Temp}
    Adjust the {Room} to {Temp} degrees
    Turn On standby on {Room}
    Turn On standby on the {Room}
    Turn On standby in {Room}
    Turn On standby in the {Room}
    Set hold of {Temp} in {Room} for {Hour(s)}
    Set hold of {Temp}

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    Moveable zones

    Heatmiser · 0 · Posted

    Be able to move the zones around on the screen, a bit like on an iPad or phone where you can press and hold to move the apps about. It would be nice to be able to group radiators, bathroom floors, heating, lighting etc etc, but at the moment, they are all in the order you created them and you can alter it on the screen. I'm running 37 items and they're all over the place.

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    Zone Comparison Graph

    Heatmiser · 1 · Last reply by Stephan Jones

    Provide the app with the ability to display the graphs associated with two or more zones on a single page allowing for an easy visual comparison in performance between multiple areas over the same time period.

    (This can be achieved in more detail via a data export mechanism but a 'simple' in-app feature will make for easier day-to-day use.)

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    Profiles: Save current settings as new profile

    Heatmiser · 1 · Last reply by Heatmiser

    Ability to save the current settings as a new profile.

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    Better App UI and UX

    Stephan Jones · 4 · Last reply by Stephan Jones

    Whilst functional, the app is fairly clunky. Changes take 11 seconds to refresh after input and you have to remove and re add a zone if the thermostat battery runs out. The graphs are hideous and overall having moved from a system like Tado to Heatmiser it is frankly underwhelming, that said tado doesn't have the power to work with the heating method mix I use. So I would recommend that you consolidate and get the little things right, give us users the experience we have come to expect, rather than one that feels unthought through.. 

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    Data export

    Heatmiser · 2 · Last reply by Jamie Adam

    Allow the user to create and export a data dump of all historical temperature data as a CSV file. Send as an email or save data to mobile device. This will enable the data to be manipulated in Excel spreadsheets allowing unlimited graphical representation of historical data. Great for fine tuning the heating system .

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    Copy to Profile

    Heatmiser · 0 · Posted

    Provide the ability to:

    1. Copy the current thermostat Comfort Levels into a new or existing Profile.
    2. Copy an existing profile into a new one.

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    Under Review

    Google home integration

    Stephan Jones · 6 · Last reply by Paul Christy

    Can you repurpose code for Amazon Alexa integration and integrate with Google home as speech recognition is far superior?

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    Optional Settings in Neo Stats

    Heatmiser · 2 · Last reply by James Jasmine

    It would be very useful to be able to set the optional settings of the Neo Stats and Timers via the Neo app instead of via the display.
    And all other settings generally.
    Specifically, the switching differential to +/- 0.5 degrees is a useful one. Most of our users feel +/-1 degree is too course and the property gets too cold before the heating kicks in, and it gets too hot before the heating is turned off.

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    Set Away needs finer control

    Heatmiser · 1 · Last reply by James Jasmine

    Set Away is brilliant, but I need a little more. I want to specify parts of a day. So if I leave at noon, say, I would like to set it so everything is back on at midnight. That way my hot water heats over night and my heating is on in the morning for a warm welcome. Currently I need to log in and turn the heating off for that last evening. Perhaps it would be better still to select the day and time you want everything back on, removing the need to work out the number of days

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    Allow the Neo App to set temperatures higher than 35C.

    Jason · 2 · Last reply by sid

    The neostat-e allows up to 45C (floor temperature) to be set manually, which would be useful for a number of applications.  For example, using on a Hot tub heating system.

    Also, as the neostat-e is 16Amp switching, it could operate a immersion heater and allow monitoring of the thermal store temperature simultaneously.  Idea for winter months when Solar Thermal systems need a heat top up.

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    Landscape AND portrait modes

    Simon McConnell · 0 · Posted

    As a user I would like to be able to use the app in both portrait AND landscape modes. If my tablet or phone is docked and I wish to change the heating I have to remove it because it wont do landscape

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    Allow to set how water on with delayed start

    Heatmiser · 0 · Posted

    Typically we use the hot water ad hoc. However some days I need to wake up at 5 so need to turn on hot water and wait. Would be good to allow the app a one time command to say put on in 6 hours for an hour

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    Add geolocation support to Windows App

    Heatmiser · 0 · Posted

    It would be great to see the Windows Phone app become a universal Windows app with geolocation support. Over 110 million devices are already using Windows 10, so a universal app is surely the way forward.

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    NeoApp to show firmware version running on Neohub

    Heatmiser · 0 · Posted

    As Heatmiser load new versions of the firmware/software onto the NeoHub remotely it would be good to show the owner what version is running and if possible the download date/time.

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    List view

    Piers Wombwell · 0 · Posted

    The current view takes up loads of space - six on a screen on the iPhone.

    I have 14 zones - a simple list view with a sensible size font would be much more convenient.

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    Would be great to view higher temperatures on the App graph

    Jason · 1 · Last reply by sid

    Currently, depending on the app you can view between 30-40C on the time to temperature graphs.  The probe is able to see a much greater range than this, such as monitoring the temperature of a thermal store  Also see here: